“Consciously modifying speech to slip from one culture to another.”
(Haddock, 2008)

“A shift in language that is guided by a shift in context”
(Knestrict & Schoensteadt, 2005, p. 177)
Code Switch is a graphic design studio run by Jan Šabach, a Czech-born freelance designer and creative director. Jan helps clients translate their objectives into an engaging visual language.
Graphic design, if done right, creates a meaningful connection between the message and the viewer. In order to establish these connections designers must empathize, reimagine, adapt and change. We must code-switch—for every client, every project and every cause.
Jans work has received several international design awards (Red Dot, European Design Award (2x) WOLDA (2x)) and his work has been recognized by publications, such as Graphis, HOW, Novum, Print and CA.
Jan works with large branding agencies as a hired gun and directly with his own clients as a designer and branding consultant. 
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